Exterior Painting Service in Brisbane

Our exterior painting services Brisbane projects vary in scope and size from painting a door or window of the exterior of an office to painting the entire exterior of a high rise building or unit complex. We have individual painters or the whole team of exterior commercial painters specializing in all kinds of exterior commercial painting services Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. Every exterior commercial painting project is only handled by expert painters; that is why we are known for our best exterior & interior painting services in Brisbane.

When we will paint your Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast house, the look of the house will be fully transformed and will give gorgeous impression. Not only your house will look updated and fresh, but the new paint will also help maintain your house. We are hence keeping your home in excellent condition and repair. In the rainy and humid climate of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, you need your house paint to survive environmental conditions for years, and our exterior painting services Brisbane will make sure of that. Our expert and certified painters will first repair the damages of your house and then paint it to give your home a flawless look. The exterior paint job is a façade renovation that makes sure your house is in good shape and also increases the value of your beautifully painted home. We know for a fact that a person’s house is his biggest asset that is worth thousands of dollars, and trusting your biggest asset with an unknown tradesman is a daunting task. We also know that the exterior paint of a person’s house should be done right for the first time. Because fixing the bad paint job is not only costly, but it also ruins the look of the house. That is why at Safir paint, we make sure to provide quality services to our clients at affordable rates.

Why choose Safir Paint?

  • We are trustworthy and licensed.
  • We are reliable and never late for work.
  • We use high-quality paints.
  • We are professional who understands the value of time and commitment.
  • Our painting business is family operated and family-owned, and we know the worth of our family reputation.


Wind and weather can erode your Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast home’s exterior paint in a hurry, but Safir Painting has the right answer to provide long-lasting, attractive finishes. Exterior painting is about two things – quality materials and flawless execution. As the top exterior painting services provider in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, we excel at both.

Whether we’re painting your Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast exterior walls, a deck, or anything else, you can rest assured that we’ll only be using the best possible paints and weatherproofing materials. It may cost more upfront, but the truth is that the quick decay of lesser materials means you’ll spend more in the long run by having to complete the exterior painting job again.

Painting the exterior of your home adds class and curb appeal. Nobody wants to look at a home with old paint, so if you see peels and cracks its time to call Safir Painting! Whether you have siding, stucco, or just need the trim touched up, our experienced painters will get the job done. Not sure what color to choose? We can help! Look to see what our customers have to say about their exterior house painting experience.


Never underestimate the impact a fresh, clean coat of paint can make to the outside of your home. Bring back your home’s curb appeal! It doesn’t matter if we’re working with stucco, brick, wood siding, vinyl, cedar shingles, or wood trim. Safir Painting has years of experience painting exterior surfaces in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. We specialize in residential paint service and commercial painting services. Improve your curb appeal and sharpen the look of your home or business with a new exterior paint job.

We use industrial-grade pressure washers for all work in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, which means we have plenty of power at our disposal, but it’s a thin line between the right amount and too much. With the latter, paint can be stripped from surfaces and many other forms of damage can happen. All of the Safir Painting technicians have a practiced touch that ensures your surfaces will be clean without any damage.

Exterior Painting Process


Drop cloths are used throughout the job to protect the landscape from debris and to collect all paint chips Protect roof and non-painted areas from paint drops and paint chips


Preparation of the surface – This is a critical element of any painting project. Surface preparation consists of :

  1. Inspecting the property in detail,
  2. Identifying signs of chalking, peeling, or blistering on the paint, as well as noting any water damage, and
  3. Proceeding with repairs

Washing – Eliminates algae, mildew, dirt, mold, and chalking that accumulates over the years and restores a clean surface for the paint to adhere to the home.

Scraping – The next step, which is typically completed in a period ranging from a few hours to a couple of days, involves scraping loose paint and/or stain that is peeling off the surface.

Sanding – Amazing Painting then prepares for the siding’s priming by smoothing out the paint’s borders. Scraped areas can be hand sanded, and/or power sanded upon request when contracted.

Light carpentry such as, clapboard, fascia, and sill replacement can be performed when contracted. Chemical stripping of wood as needed to remove excess paint buildup, or failing paint (we are also experienced in dealing with lead paint)

Priming – Prior to applying the top coat, Amazing Painting sprays, rolls or brushes a high-end primer to the wood, metal, steel, aluminum or other surface. Priming ensures that the paint will adhere to the areas in need of being re-touched. Priming is done to all bare wood areas to increase adhesion. Special priming is also done to certain problematic areas with cedar bleed or rust.
Caulking is then applied to potential areas of water leaks, around windows, between joints, among other places. Amazing Painting also proceed to mask any nooks and crannies that they wish to protect from paint. All joints receive siliconized caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating behind wood. Paint is applied with brush and/or roller or sprayed and then back-brushed after all prep work is completed; we use sprayers on shutters, lattice and some hard-to-reach areas


With the right blend of impressive interior painting skills, customer services, and great prices, Safir Painting is the right choice in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. Call us at 0402 016 958.